I do so love staring out of windows. Cozied up safe from the elements whether cold and snow or sun and wind. I like to catch little moments of something or another.

You see the wind tussling long grass or kicking up leaves. Some days it’s a flurry of white flakes. If you happen upon a robin scouring for worms or dark crows pecking at beetles, it’s better. Your eye happily follows the movement.

A bit of thought trails in. Your eye reflects inward. Either the past or the future has captured your attention and you’re quite lost to the present. You might even be blind to the walker with their dog thoroughly enjoying the weather.

Your mind returns to the present. The wind is still blowing. The birds have moved on. Shadows play across the lawn instead. It’s moments like these I love staring out of windows.

Which makes it doubly sad our current residence has no decent window views for gazing.

This has been,

Fanny T. Crispin

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