Le Shorts, Poetry

Dare to Dream

The fairy glade is where you’re at

Where dreams are made in a great big vat,

And in this land of you’ll never find

A grain of sand left out of time.


Deep in the hallow

Of an ancient wood

Mystical lanterns

At one time stood.



Living Cycles

I was wondering why I have such a hard time connecting with women in my church community. They’re cheerful, interesting, bubbly personalities I’m sure I would enjoy knowing. The realization crept up on me one day and caught me by surprise.

They’re all part of young families with children. I’m married too now, so that should bridge the gap at least a little closer, but it’s not enough. It’s not that I dislike young children – heaven forbid – but it’s a continual reminder I’m always one step behind the curve.

Get married, buy a house, have babies. My goals were not that ambitious as a little girl. I never had big dreams for my life. I intuitively followed a social curve which I think catches the majority in its wake. Since becoming an adult, I have done some pretty incredible stuff. I’m happy with how my life turned out. I’m learning not to rush the good things. But I still struggle being around married women with young children. They have something I’ve wanted for a very long time. Inevitably, someone says something to the effect of “Just wait until you have babies!” And I’m reminded once again I’m two steps behind them always.

Besides, if I need littlies time, I have two fantastic nephews to love on. They will have to fill the void for now.

This has been,

Fanny T. Crispin

Le Shorts, Poetry

When You Mourn the Dream

When memories fade away

Staring at the mirror’s face

And you can’t seem to find a trace

‘Cause all is lost in the graying mist.

When you mourn the dream

And you can’t make sense of anything

You’re just searching for a reason

to hold on.

You can’t find your way

Standing in the rain

And all the dreams you thought you had

Don’t mean anything

They just fade to gray.

So find me here

Beneath each fallen tear

And as the daylight fades

I’ll mourn the dream.

“I think people mourn the dream, you know?” ~Shawn Connors

Poem by FanTC

Copyright FanTCBooks

Le Shorts, Poetry

The Warning

There’s a storm a’brewin’, love.
The winds are getting fierce.
Pay attention to the stars
If you happen to see above
The wayward clouds.

The trees are bowing low.
Listen well because they know
When the storm is brewing,
You best be doing

Now the sky is growing dim,
The clouds they’re turning black.
When you hear the warning call,
You best listen in
Or else.

Copyright FanTCBooks


King of the Road

With everything being cancelled for 2020, my husband and I found ourselves with a bit of extra cash and too much time on our hands to browse the interweb.

We bought a motorcycle. The Harley Roadking is exactly what we’ve been looking for to replace the Sportster. Hubby has had the Sportster for almost thirteen years. It’s too small for him to be comfortable anymore, and much to small for us to be comfortable together. We’re bold adventurers, and adventurers need an accommodating set of wheels.

2020 was the year to do it. So we bought it. What better way to social distance (masks included!)

Sunday was a beautiful day. 90 and humid, which was perfect for long rides, we picked a city which intrigued us and took to the open road. The Wisconsin-Iowa Border is absolutely gorgeous. The roads appear to be cut through the earth, leaving sheer rock faces on either side. The countryside is rolling, grassy, or covered in green trees. There’s a feeling as if the land has never been touched.

We crossed the Mississippi River, throwing up our hands like silly gooses as we cheered our accomplishment. Dubuque, here we come.

Dubuque, City of Murals.

We had a wonderful time. Where have you visited recently?

This has been,