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In the Beginning

There was once a beautiful white snake and a great black snake in the caretaker’s garden. The black snake lay at the caretaker’s feet and enjoyed all the best he had to offer, as well as companionship and the pride of the caretaker. But for the black snake, it wasn’t enough, and he became bitter and greedy because there was one other in the garden who held the caretaker’s esteem.


So often, the caretaker spoke of Mankind and boasted of his achievements. It made the black snake resentful. He concocted a scheme to reduce Mankind and elevate himself once again, but something stood in his way. The black snake could go anywhere he desired as long as he did not enter the inner garden where Mankind rested. So he bequested the aid of the beautiful white snake. She guarded the coming and going of the garden and greeted the caretaker every day. One night, while he was away, she opened the gate for the black snake. He entered the inner garden and made his way to Mankind’s other half which lay sleeping beneath the trees. And so the black snake whispered in her ear to cause Mankind to fall.




Obligatory Holiday Post

Mystery dinner No. 4.

Hubby found the most delightful restaurant in Lake Geneva. The Baker House is an 1885 luxury mansion with decorative rooms branching out to reveal the most nostalgic details from a bygone age.

While waiting for our table, we sat at a small bar tucked in the corner. Hidden throughout the room were touches of circus themes, old national pride, and black and white stills of people with intriguing stories.

We were seated in the four season room where we enjoyed the view of the front gardens as well as the architecture of the mansion. A woman played piano and sang familiar songs, setting the mood for romance.

This has been,

Fanny T. Crispin


Morning Ritual

The trouble is, after spending so much time ensuring I do not overheat at night – because for some reason it has become a regular issue – I find myself shivering and rolled tightly under the blankets in an attempt to get warm.

It’s these mornings which are the most difficult to wake up when the alarm sounds. My husband has already been gone a few hours so there is no sliding in close to him in the hopes of retaining residual body heat.

So I stumble out shivering and annoyed, throw on my bathrobe and plug in the heater in an effort to get warm again.

Welcome to the Midwest.

I like to explain to people I am a default resident – had I a choice back when it might have been simpler, I would have moved to Tennessee or further south. We considered it, GW and I, but his mother firmly responded “NO.” It is more difficult to change scenery when one has been rooted for too long. Truth be told, I don’t want to leave. I just want the winter to go away.

It’s proving to be a mild one at least. The farmers will resent the lack of snow, but I’m quite certain we’ll have enough rain in spring to make up for it. This seems to be the trend as of late. We did not have a white Christmas, but if one was truly desperate, one simply had to rent a snow machine.

I don’t criticise anyone for enjoying the snow. I simply retain the right to dislike anything cold.

This has been,

Fanny T. Crispin