by Fan T. C.


Clockwork Dreams 2014

“If you found out you were a witch hunter, how would that change your life? Fifteen year old Crissie is about to find out. When her grandfather reveals the secrets of her ancestry, suddenly, everything changes. She sees witches everywhere, and one in particular is haunting her dreams. But witches aren’t the only danger,…an ancient evil is waking. With the aid of her grandfather and a boy who is mysteriously tied to her past, she sets off on a nightmarish adventure to stop the waking dead.”


Sir Ivan’s Train; Dragon King 2015

“Sir Ivan’s Train is the story of two orphaned sisters. Unbeknownst to them, they take a ride aboard a magical train and are dropped off in an amazing world of magic, mayhem, and mystery. Once there, they have incredible adventures running around with a gang of thieves, dining with a princess, and perhaps most strange of all, encountering a peculiar witch. The witch reveals a disturbing prophesy—the two girls must face their fate if they want to call this new world “home.” Their fate – a dragon.

As they struggle to make sense of their new life, the sisters unravel a dangerous mystery during their travels. Curiosity gets the better of them, but solving this mystery may very well unleash the wrath of a dragon.”


Sir Ivan’s Train; Wizard Ring 2020

Sir Ivan’s Train is the story of two orphaned sisters. After taking a trip aboard a magical train and getting dropped off in a strange world far different from Earth, Katrina and Charlotte find themselves wielding incredible new powers—they have become shape-changers. But with this power comes a fearful future prospect: war is bearing down upon the known lands, and they may be the only ones strong enough to stop it.

“You and your sister have the power to change your fate. Go east. Slay the dragon.” The witch’s prophecy reveals an evil tyrant is the “dragon.” As Katrina and Charlotte fight alongside their new friends, one man stands in their path to freedom. He is no ordinary mortal, but a wizard, and his power far exceeds anything either of them could imagine. Facing him in battle may very well cost them their lives, but running away would mean certain destruction to a world they have come to call home.


ForeverSpeel 2016

“Marie Jones and her team of dimensional rift explorers travel between worlds closing up the rifts that appear in Earth’s realm. They work under the careful watch of Maximilian and his brothers—elves from Middle Earth who are trying to bring balance to the realms. However, when teenagers start disappearing, Maximilian sends Marie to investigate.
The world they discover is filled with magic and governed by sadistic gods. To make matters worse, Marie and her team are on a time-limit to rescue the humans and get back to Earth before the rift closes—trapping them forever. But these gods are bored with their heavens, and a bored god is a dangerous god.”

***REMOVED FOR REVISION*** I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. ForeverSpeel will return revamped, reviewed, and ready for more adventure! Stay tuned!