What’s yours?

A girlfriend once told me that I helped make her a more confident woman just in our daily correspondence over the years. If I accomplish nothing else in my life, I will die proud knowing this.

So who have you influenced? Sometimes it’s good to look back and know that you’ve done some good in the world. Think about it.


Social Media

I have 12 friends on Facebook. Yes, you read correctly. You probably just did a double-take to see if that number was real, didn’t you? You might remember my proclamation in Social Media Slander to delete my Facebook account September 2015, and I did just that. For a whole year, I was in social media blackout. My pictures were erased, my memories tossed into the void. It was glorious.


I never missed it.

But it was right around the holidays when I realized the event tool was highly beneficial for scheduling family–and now extended family–functions. How am I to know who is bringing what to Thanksgiving dinner? What if there is a time-change I’m not made aware of for Christmas?

Well, I soon realized it was time to go back. After a long and beautiful hiatus, I went to work on a brand new Facebook account.

You know, I had spent 13 years on Facebook before deleting it. That was a rough accumulation of 300 friends and thousands of pictures, conversations, and memories. But there I was with a blank slate and a chance to start over. I could choose more carefully who I wanted as friends (or so far, strictly family.) Now when I scroll through my newsfeed, it takes about a week for anything new to show up. And that’s nice.

With less internet distractions, I can stay focused on what I deem important and relevant, and that is education for all writers.

And time spent with you.

Good night, readers. It’s always a pleasure.

This has been,

Fanny T. Crispin