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Mystery Book!

Here’s a fun challenge! I’m going to release a book for FREE right here in my blog. But there’s a catch… You’ll need to pay attention and look sharp! A secret message will be published on my Ko‑fi page which will give you the date for each new chapter. They’ll be published at midnight in the gloaming hour when all the great mischief happens. Each chapter will only be available for 13 days, so be quick! If you’re very clever, you’ll decode the message right away.

Now for the story: Where do we begin? Shall we start with the day Jezelle bested the Prince of Callevale and utterly humiliated him? Or maybe when Rosetta discovered her knack for Black Magic? Or perhaps we could start with the mysterious summons from the nocturnal Master Xavier?

There’s a lot to unpack in this tale of deception and lies. Maybe it would be best to begin at the beginning. After all, that’s where all great stories start.

See you soon, wizards…


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Foodie Favorites

My husband and I both grew up with this tuna pasta salad served cold. It’s almost identical to what you might find on the internet.

Shell noodles
Dash of salt and pepper

The only difference is, GW prefers shredded cheese. I like mine cubed.

For him, it’s a consistency matter. He likes the blended flavors, you know? There’s nothing surprising or out of place. It’s balanced. Everything belongs.

For me, I guess it’s a memory. A childhood summer with a bowl of cold pasta and getting a whole mouthful of tiny cheese cubes. The burst of creamy flavor and the absolute delight of eating glorious amounts of cheese.

Have you ever bitten into a brick of cheese? You should definitely try it.

Unless you’re lactose intolerant. Then you should definitely not.

So what do I do? I whip up a big batch of pasta salad, divide it in half. Shredded cheese goes in one, cubes in the other. It’s no biggie. We both have our food charms. There’s no reason to change anything.

Although we’re trying this low carb thing so I dumped a bunch of “riced” cauliflower instead of shell noodles. It totally messes with the consistency, but you hardly notice a flavor difference.

It will have to do for now.

This has been,

Fanny T. Crispin

PS: If you’re looking for the recipe, I listed the ingredients above. Literally nothing is measured. Mix to your desired consistency. ❤


Do You Even Art?

I love how chaotic and interesting an artist’s workspace is.

There’s usually paint splatters.

Ink-blotched paper curls on tables.

Pallets of color display subtle shades.

There are other pieces of artwork, bursts of color, knickknacks, and things.

I love the look of a fully utilized studio. I love seeing dried paint on the wood floors and canvases leaning against the walls and furniture. I love that the furniture is usually unique and often old – hand-me-down or just eclectic.

There is something completely serene when entering an artist’s atmosphere. Everything you carried in slides off your back and settles to the floor. You’ll have to pick it up again before you leave, but for a few moments, you don’t feel its weight.

I would like a space like this. Not that I’m terribly artistic. I just want the atmosphere for meditation.

This has been,