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Mystery Book!

Here’s a fun challenge! I’m going to release a book for FREE right here in my blog. But there’s a catch… You’ll need to pay attention and look sharp! A secret message will be published on my Ko‑fi page which will give you the date for each new chapter. They’ll be published at midnight in the gloaming hour when all the great mischief happens. Each chapter will only be available for 13 days, so be quick! If you’re very clever, you’ll decode the message right away.

Now for the story: Where do we begin? Shall we start with the day Jezelle bested the Prince of Callevale and utterly humiliated him? Or maybe when Rosetta discovered her knack for Black Magic? Or perhaps we could start with the mysterious summons from the nocturnal Master Xavier?

There’s a lot to unpack in this tale of deception and lies. Maybe it would be best to begin at the beginning. After all, that’s where all great stories start.

See you soon, wizards…


PS Follow on Twitter for more clues. I need 300 followers to get this mystery party started!

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