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Previously titled “30 Days to Publishing”, this series will guide you through the process of writing, editing, and even publishing your book, blog, or magazine article. Click on the series title to be redirected to the blog location. Have fun, good luck, and dream big!

Disclaimer: Page under continuous construction.

1: Introduction

2: Determination

3: Research

4: Outlining

5.1: Character 1.1

5.2: Character 1.2

6: World Building

7: Point of View

8: Plot

9: Writing

10: Drafting

11: Query Letters

12: Synopses

Literary Agents – Where are they hiding???
1: Moonlight in Bookstores
2: Stalking Acknowledgements
3: Investigating Leads
4: Interrogating Agents (Politely!)
Writing Material–Voice


Study, Study, Study

Writing “Muse”

Building a Platform

Run-On Sentences


Fanny T. Crispin

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