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His Ragged Company

A testimony of Elias Faust -by Rance D. Denton

I have always been a western fan and love the western/fantasy crossovers. This book successfully marries those two genres and what follows is a beautiful ceremony of sand in your teeth, bloody bullet wounds, fighting in the rain, and mysterious omens…

Set in an old timey town in the middle of nowhere, you will be transported to wild, wild Texas where magic lurks and something fantastic hides in the hills. You won’t want to stop reading!

10/10 would recommend to wild, wild wizards and gun-slinging witches.


by Naomi Novik

This timeless, magical story was everything I hoped for and needed during the Great Plague of 2020. It held beautiful, graceful magic and a world I could escape into. Ms Novik writes intriguing and genuine characters seamlessly, and her worldbuilding is flawless. I was absolutely enchanted.

I found myself drawn in and couldn’t put it down for days. I became terribly depressed when all seemed hopeless and didn’t pick it back up again for months trying to dream a happy ending and a better world for the people I had fallen in love with. Finally, one winter’s eve I sat down to escape the dread, plunged headlong into battle against an evil and dark, poisonous Wood, and, well… I’ll not spoil the ending. I was enraptured with this story. Would 100% recommend to woodsy wizards and dreaming witches across the world.

How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories

by Holly Black

Ever since the Spiderwick Chronicles, I have long been a fan of Ms Black and her magical way of bringing the fairylands into our modern world or spinning such enchanting characters on a page. The King of Elfhame would not disappoint. It was the first book in the Folk of the Air series I picked up because people were raving about it on Twitter. Now I find myself craving more, and the gorgeous artwork by Rovina Cai are simply, spectacularly out of this world.

Once upon a time, there was a boy with a wicked tongue.

The story follows a faerie prince named Cardan who’s sad and wretched and grows absolutely wicked. As a young boy, he receives a story from a troll woman which would weave through his heart and manipulate is life as he grew. Ms Black does a marvelous job of making your heart utterly bleed for this poor rich boy, and I was delighted to learn his story. Would 100% recommend to wild wizards and restless witches. Also, I’m buying the rest of this series as a Christmas present to myself.

Where Iris Begins and Rosella Fades

by Keri L. Sparks

Ms Sparks has done it again!

Just when you thought the adventure could go no further, book 3 sends you on a twisted path headlong into chases, escapes, and peril. Rosella has the dragonstones, but they are awakening, and the Safe Haven we left her in can hold their power no longer. What’s more, she is becoming dangerous to everyone around her.

With her sister missing and the (dreamy) King Ramsey fresh on her heels (gosh, Rosella, just MARRY HIM already. Oh, right, he’s a telepathic psychopath!) Rosella is at her wit’s end and out of time. Would 100% recommend to dashing wizards and darling witches.

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