King of the Road

With everything being cancelled for 2020, my husband and I found ourselves with a bit of extra cash and too much time on our hands to browse the interweb.

We bought a motorcycle. The Harley Roadking is exactly what we’ve been looking for to replace the Sportster. Hubby has had the Sportster for almost thirteen years. It’s too small for him to be comfortable anymore, and much to small for us to be comfortable together. We’re bold adventurers, and adventurers need an accommodating set of wheels.

2020 was the year to do it. So we bought it. What better way to social distance (masks included!)

Sunday was a beautiful day. 90 and humid, which was perfect for long rides, we picked a city which intrigued us and took to the open road. The Wisconsin-Iowa Border is absolutely gorgeous. The roads appear to be cut through the earth, leaving sheer rock faces on either side. The countryside is rolling, grassy, or covered in green trees. There’s a feeling as if the land has never been touched.

We crossed the Mississippi River, throwing up our hands like silly gooses as we cheered our accomplishment. Dubuque, here we come.

Dubuque, City of Murals.

We had a wonderful time. Where have you visited recently?

This has been,



The Plot Thickens

As a child writer – and I’m talking early to late teens – everything occurred by happenstance.

The tiny girl happened to get chased by a bird and happened to fall into a river. She happened to get rescued by a fairy boy and happened to journey with him to his homeland.

Okay, chased by a bird we can forgive, but if she’s a tiny girl, why did she fall into a massive river? She more than likely would have gotten caught up in the rushes and hid from the bird. Okay, so a fairy saves her, but she should have gone straight home. Why on earth would she agree to a miles long trip to his homeland knowing absolutely nothing about him?

Happenstance. It happened all the time in my stories. It’s been rather fun to mull over those books for so many years and now develop plot and character and storyline. It’s a wonderful thing. What’s more, to revisit these little worlds I created and remember some of the cleverness of my childhood.

They were very clever. Just kind of silly though.

What are you rewriting these days?

This has been,


Ponderings, Thoughts

Strength in Love

I was wondering why you always look so put together every day, then I remembered: Oh yeah, you don’t have kids.

Women should never come down on other women. Some fight battles every morning. Some have obtained their peace through much hardship.

Women notice the appearances of each other. One could say we’re hyper-alert to our fellows. Mostly it’s innocent – admiring a new handbag, collecting tips on matching colors or prints. But many times, if we’re honest with ourselves, we’re looking for the ranks.

You know what I’m talking about. She didn’t do anything with her hair today. At least you look more put together than she does. She went over-the-top with that outfit. You feel assured others are probably silently mocking her too.

Ladies, this ought not be so among the fairer sex. Whether sporty or girlie, let’s all agree to harbor lovely thoughts toward each other. Build someone up if you are able. Graciously accept a compliment. And never admit how cheap (or expensive) those shoes were. People love them. You love them. That is all that matters.

Be beautiful.

This has been,

Fanny T. Crispin

PS: Shut up. I use filters, and I love them.

Ponderings, Raw

Quarantine Week #14

It is sometimes difficult to believe Covid-19 has impacted our world for so long, but here we are. It is currently our fourteenth week since Wisconsin schools shut down. Summer has arrived. Families are getting together. These are good things.

I have contemplated shutting down the “Quarantine Week” blog. Corona is in our world, ladies and gentlemen. It is an unfortunate reality, but we must adapt as well. We must now be conscience of our elders and immune compromised comrades. We’ll have to add Covid to our cough, cold, and flu season awareness. Everyone is talking about “new normal” or “going back to normal.” This is what you can come to expect.

On the positive side, we have seen some beautiful improvement to Earth and nature as a result of humans taking a break from being industrious. This is also good. Maybe more of us have come to realize there must be a healthy balance in our lives between work and rest. Remember to be a little more kind, a little more patient, and to be aware of others.

This has been,

Fanny T. Crispin

Mind & Body, Ponderings, Raw

Quarantine Week #7

I think this “empty inspiration” – as my sister calls it – is the worst mood. Have you gone periods without writing creatively in which you’re out of practice and lack motivation to start? Yet when you watch a movie or read a book, you might be jolted with sudden inspiration! So you grab a notebook, laptop, tablet and open a fresh page, document, note and…nothing. There was no substance to the mood, just empty inspiration.

I feel this more often than not because I’m not actively working on any projects. I might pick up a chapter here or there when I feel the aptitude, but nothing substantial. So I end up with more notebooks than I need filled with barely begun projects started from “empty inspiration.”

You may have noticed a lot of creativity has been borne of this quarantine. Some people are finding extra time and boredom to create art. I’ve always felt art is a result of conflict and desperation. Desperate people feel extreme emotions, and these can often translate into masterpieces. Many people are feeling extreme emotions – fear, anxiety, frustration, anger, grief to name a few. And some of us who are not so terribly off and really don’t care to watch the news are just bored.

It’s true. It’s difficult to create when you’re bored, because everything you create feels boring. It’s a viscous cycle. You might have lost interest in your favorite shows and books, and hobbies or games offer no distraction for your mind. What’s to be done about such uselessness?

I practice yoga. It’s the most productive form of nothing a body can accomplish, and it rewards a listless mind with tranquility. I don’t feel like doing anything, and yoga can sometimes feel as easy as doing nothing. This is just my alternative to boredom.

How are you coping through it all?

This has been,