King of the Road

With everything being cancelled for 2020, my husband and I found ourselves with a bit of extra cash and too much time on our hands to browse the interweb.

We bought a motorcycle. The Harley Roadking is exactly what we’ve been looking for to replace the Sportster. Hubby has had the Sportster for almost thirteen years. It’s too small for him to be comfortable anymore, and much to small for us to be comfortable together. We’re bold adventurers, and adventurers need an accommodating set of wheels.

2020 was the year to do it. So we bought it. What better way to social distance (masks included!)

Sunday was a beautiful day. 90 and humid, which was perfect for long rides, we picked a city which intrigued us and took to the open road. The Wisconsin-Iowa Border is absolutely gorgeous. The roads appear to be cut through the earth, leaving sheer rock faces on either side. The countryside is rolling, grassy, or covered in green trees. There’s a feeling as if the land has never been touched.

We crossed the Mississippi River, throwing up our hands like silly gooses as we cheered our accomplishment. Dubuque, here we come.

Dubuque, City of Murals.

We had a wonderful time. Where have you visited recently?

This has been,


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