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A Day in the Life

So NaNoWriMo is in full swing, and…I am in a killer reading mood. Yeah. I wrote a bit during the first week but fell off the horse quickly. This will be the first mark against my perfect November record. I’m not crying. I’m not even stressig over it. The reason I have a perfect record is because the third year I didn’t participate at all because I was afraid of that score. This year, the fear was there. It was. But I signed up anyway. I’m not going to finish and I’m okay with that.

My writing commitment is not as strong as some people say it should be, but…

I published two books.

I have a third book finished and ready for editing.

The only person I have to report to is myself. And that’s something I want you to realize, too. No matter where your writing history is, you write for yourself first. Sound too narcissistic? Tough, kid. You’re going to realize how many people will jump at the chance to tell you their high and mighty opinion. How egotistic is that? They’ll also tell you what you’re doing wrong. But that’s not their place to say.

NaNoWriMo is fun. It’s a community of writers inspiring and encouraging other writers. But I’m going to bow out of this round and catch up on some old friends (Jules Verne, Ray Bradbury, etc), but writing is in my blood. I can’t go long before I whip out the notebook. And, hey, I made GREAT headway on a new story! That counts for a whole lot.

If you’re in the Rockford area, you can come out and see me this December at the Beloit Library Author Meet and Greet.


Fanny T Crispin

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