Tea, Autumn, and NaNoWriMo

It’s officially November, friends. Here in the midwest, we are enjoying crisp, autumn days with fiery displays of color on the trees. It might rain one day. It might be a glorious sunny day perfect for sweatshirts and hot tea.

This year for NaNo, I’m struggling to feel committed to my word count (to writing at all, really). I’ve taken to finishing knit and crochet projects as procrastination. I should be really inspired. This is the time of year to take off in a glory of feathered words and fly across the pages. Sadly, such is not the case.

My writing buddy for the year suggested a relaxed NaNo–breaking the rules a bit. In her mathematical genius, she said we should write 417 words a day…because that would be exactly a quarter of the traditional NaNo. I’m about 30 words shy of that on Day Two.

Hey, can I count my blog?

I have a volleyball game tonight, then I’ll curl up in my bed with a good notebook and get to work. One friend recommended writing before bed as a way to curb my insomnia. After about an hour, it actually works. 😉 So my first NaNo year, I wrote every morning at 6:30. This year I’ll write every night at 10:30. Wish me worthy writing.

Here’s my recipe for you:
First thing we make you feel better
Next stop, we pull it all together
I’ll keep you warm like a sweater
Take my hand and hold on forever  -Rob Thomas

Fanny T Crispin

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