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KUWTJ – Bed Troubles

In another episode of what I like to call “Keeping Up With The Jones,” I share a bit of drama of newlywed life.

In other news pertaining to recently married life, the cat is taking her new only-child life quite well. Our concern was unfounded since her earlier skittishness was actually due to the freakish number of storms we’ve had in recent days. Not to worry. She understands the safety protocol in the event of severe weather and takes up shelter beneath the stair well.

While her human mother might sleep straight through a tornado, at least the cat will be safe.

The house is beginning to once again resemble a home (although I’ve been informed by the husband that it was really more like a batchelorette pad before.) We’ve been anxiously awaiting the mattress to our brand new bed. Sleeping on the support boards of the frame is getting old, to say the least.

I kid. We have a twin mattress. Fortunately, we’re small people. But Hubby has been known to have been elbowed (quite unintentionally, I assure you) in his sleep. Maybe if he would quit sleeping on my hair, he wouldn’t be so rudely disturbed…

Life is good if you remember that you don’t need castles and fancy plates to make your life happy. We’re enjoying decorating the cozy duplex. There’s a fire pit (sadly drowning) in the front yard. If you see a light, please stop by and pull up a chair. I’m sure we’ll have cold beer or at least a glass of wine to share.

Leave no stone unturned and never stop until you’ve arrived.

This has been,

Fan T. C.


Keeping up with the Jones

In other news about married life, it has been 3 weeks of our legal adventure together, and we’re preparing to settle into my cozy (a word here meaning tiny and inadequate) duplex apartment. I’m actually very settled here. My husband still has to move his stuff in.

We keep looking at the catastrophe of the tornado I fondly named “Wedding Whirlwind” and wonder how and when we’re going to get it resembling anything of a home again. My sister is officially moved out, save for a few items she was unable to grab during the WW tornado, and so we’re making her a box of affects to come pick up at her leisure. As for the rest, “One room at a time,” I keep repeating for the sake of our sanity.

The kitchen seemed the best place to start, as so much activity transpires there. We’ve cleaned out cupboards and hid the alcohol from judgemental eyes – or under-aged children. There is a piece of furniture we purchased maybe two years ago which Brett started cleaning out. It’s a simple wood cupboard sort, square at the base and as tall as a china cabinet, but whoever decided to refinish it gave it a ghastly white paint job, single coat, without removing any shelves or even bothering to paint the back board, and left it at that. I’m not sure how someone can look at a half-assed paint job and nod their head in approval. Then again, I was the someone who bought and paid for it and then proceeded to display it without fixing the job.

No matter, Hubby has it out in the garage as we speak putting the finishing touches to it. All this in light of his recent proclamation, “I am NEVER building or painting anything for a GOOD LONG WHILE!” Apparently 3 days is long enough for him.

Leave no stone unturned and never stop until you’ve arrived.

This has been,

Fan T. C.