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On Social Distancing

There is a random stretch of road in Shullsburg, WI, and if you put your car in neutral, it will slowly start to roll…UPHILL.

True story.

Mt Horeb, WI loves their trolls fairytales so much, they decorated the entire town with unique sculptures. It’s so renown, in fact, when they built the bypass over the highway, truckers started calling it Mt Horeb Trollway.

True story.

You might get eaten by a shark in Darlington, WI.

True story.

The Pegasus is real, and he’s beautiful. (Just look at that muzzle. What a ham.)

True story.

This lonely, forgotten memorial in Madison, WI is likely the most beautiful site you’ll ever see.

True story.

How are you social distancing? We took a day trip through southern Wisconsin exploring little known sites, tucked away oddities, and viewed a wondrous countryside which reminded us there is so much of the world to explore outside our scope of imagination. Check out this bizarre mini-seum of concrete sculptures in Shullsburg, WI. Some Austrian guy designed them after he retired in the 50’s.

True story.

This has been,


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