Writer in the Raw


Hollywood seems to believe we are a nostalgic generation.
Maybe we are.
Maybe we long for the world our parents (or grandparents) grew up in.
My gentleman friend recently told me, disparingly, “I don’t have any good old man stories.” Well, dear, that’s because you’re not an old man yet.

I scrolled back to my very first blog post on WordPress. It was the day I switched webhosting from Google blogs to WordPress.
I started reading the “raw” blogs, the ones pertaining to life and not art.
In reading, I realized I missed writing about life, but found I still struggle with the lingering self-doubt of, “You can’t write life. You write fiction. That’s all!”
But even in the posts where I admitted that, the life-writing was still interesting. At least to me.

Being reminded of the past – of the good things – triggers the nostalgic soul in all of us. It brings us back to a time when we were happy, and happiness is something we all strive for.
“The Pursuit of Happiness”.
But sometimes the memory isn’t happy. It’s actually quite sad. And nostalgia rises up anyway, reminding us we got through it. We crossed the ocean and didn’t drown.

I think blogs are great. Most of the time, bloggers won’t generate a huge crowd of followers. But sometimes that’s okay. There’s still something wonderful about taking a deep breath and putting yourself out into the world. The diaries on my bed stand may never get read. My blog posts may never be seen. But that’s okay. Sometimes you have to write for you, because you can be your own most captive audience. And sometimes you go back and read about yourself and you’re reminded of the past. Whether good or bad, it’s always a nostalgic read.

This has been,
In The Raw

Fanny T. Crispin

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What are you Reading?

Because reading is essential to every writer.


What are you reading these days? Are you exploring outside of your comfort zone? Or are you revisiting old friends? I’m reading a little of both.

Science fiction isn’t my strong point as a writer, though I do enjoy reading it. Frank Herbert’s Dune series is one of my favorites. It has been compared to the scifi equivalent of The Lord of the Rings. The masterful world-building, culture settings, political and religious vices, and, most of all, character development, has me hanging on every word. I first read Dune while I was still a young teenager. It took me a year to get through it, and I really only read it because I loved the movies so much. Well, there are no more movies, but their ARE plenty of books. Like 10+.

I recently discovered that not only did Frank write more, by his son Brian also took over some of the manuscripts and completed what his father started. Their writing styles are similar, and you can tell Brian loved the world as much as his father did.

So here I am. While I wait for Brian Herbert’s prequel trilogy (Dune; The Butlerian Jihad) to come in the mail, I’m revisiting the original world of Dune. And I’m hooked. The best form of science fiction I’ve ever read.

What are you reading and why? Comment below.

Fanny T. Crispin