Behind the Curtain

My husband and I were on a video chat with some long distance friends and all the while the tiny fibers in my being were urging insistently that this wasn’t enough. I began to suspect they felt it too because throughout the conversation someone would let slip “I miss you guys” in a soft and plaintive tone bespoken of earnest wishing.

What was so different about this than any other conversation? Long distance chatting is certainly nothing new. We have been using telephones, texting, and video calls for years. We ought to be well accustomed to this form of communication – and grateful since without we would have no other means to contact outside of a full vacation visit. Or letters. Which isn’t the same at all.

What’s so different about sitting on a couch sipping coffee with friends through a viewing screen vs sitting on a couch sipping the same coffee surrounded by those very friends? I tell you, it IS very different and somewhat wrong. Despite the instant gratification of viewing, chatting, and filling up the social cup our souls need, this form of long distance conversation is missing the thing our souls crave.

Energy. Aura. Chakra, if you will. Each of us gives off an invisible to the eye – but blatantly obvious to the soul – energy wave which harbors our individual essence. You feel it in crowds which either drains you – if introverted – or energizes you – of extroverted. One-on-one conversations can be made more intimate if you both harbor similar energy patterns. And that is exactly what we are missing in the long distance.

It can be described as watching yourself eat food on a recorded video. While you watch the nutrients enter your body, you begin to crave because your senses tell you there’s food, but your fibers are pulling at empty stores. You’re hungry and never satisfied.

And as I refrained from verbalizing the helpless pining, my heart broke a little with longing. I missed them, too.

This has been,


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