The Plot Thickens

As a child writer – and I’m talking early to late teens – everything occurred by happenstance.

The tiny girl happened to get chased by a bird and happened to fall into a river. She happened to get rescued by a fairy boy and happened to journey with him to his homeland.

Okay, chased by a bird we can forgive, but if she’s a tiny girl, why did she fall into a massive river? She more than likely would have gotten caught up in the rushes and hid from the bird. Okay, so a fairy saves her, but she should have gone straight home. Why on earth would she agree to a miles long trip to his homeland knowing absolutely nothing about him?

Happenstance. It happened all the time in my stories. It’s been rather fun to mull over those books for so many years and now develop plot and character and storyline. It’s a wonderful thing. What’s more, to revisit these little worlds I created and remember some of the cleverness of my childhood.

They were very clever. Just kind of silly though.

What are you rewriting these days?

This has been,


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