I Miss You; Part 2

A new tribe.

I suppose the stars aligned just right to bring us all together. Most of us were from different States (two were from a different country.) Every weekend we laughed and played. Everyone felt welcome and accepted. I think when you find that magical host, you discover just how seamlessly they draw people together.

We didn’t have a lot in common – readers, doctors, engineers, warriors, and artists. We were a bunch of misfits, and our only common denominator was Jesus. And we certainly made the most of our time. I felt like had I rediscovered something lost from my childhood.

Sadly, nothing lasts.

One by one, they moved away. I suppose it was inevitable. We were from such different backgrounds. Most were uprooted and struggling to gain ground. I understand why they moved on.

A part of me is missing – twice stolen.

I miss the comradery. I miss the laughter and support. I recognize now how rough of a time I was having, and I needed the group just to make it to another dawn. It was a season of rescue and healing. Now I can stand in confidence.

It doesn’t make the goodbyes any easier or the hurt any lighter.

Fare thee well to wind and wave. Where you live shall be my home. Where you die will be my grave.

This has been,

Fanny T. Crispin

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