(DON’T) Take the Survey!

Have you noticed?

They’re everywhere.

They’re in your school.

They’re at your work.

They pop up in web browsers and emails.

They’re at the end of phone calls.

“Please take a moment to fill out this brief survey.”

I literally googled how to block email surveys. But that’s just the thing. There isn’t ONE survey server. There are literally DOZENS of them, and everyone is using a different sever, so even if you block one, it doesn’t block them all.

How much time are we spending filling out these statistic catchers? It’s all a marketing gimmick. They sell your statistics across the web to suppliers and vendors wanting to sell you something. Yes, they do want to improve your experience – then drop you in a bucket with your peers and turn you into a number.

Surveys. Man. I just don’t like them.

But if you take the survey, you could win something. If you offer up your information, it could be worth your while. Or you’re doing it to improve someone else’s experience. Because with enough surveys, companies can make an educated decision on what their consumers really want.

Surveys drive the numbers. If there aren’t enough numbers, then they issue more surveys. Push the surveys. Make people take them. It’s optional, but they’ll figure out what makes you tick, and eventually you’ll cave.

I wrote to my insurance agent begging her to take me off the survey list.

I really don’t like them.

They seem so harmless at first. They seem like such a good idea. Surveys drive the numbers. Everyone wants the numbers to be good. Everyone wants to be a part of something good.

“I took the survey. They improved their quality because of my contribution.”

Stuff and nonsense.

I will not take your surveys, ma’am.

I will not take them, Sam the Man.

I will not fill them out today.

I did not fill them yesterday.

I will not, would not take them now.

I cannot, could not like them how.

This has been,


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