Quarantine Week #5

I can feel it. I’m losing my edge.

Nothing is convenient about working from home (I mean, besides hot coffee on a whim.) Agitation is setting in, but with it comes a loss of motivation. When you spend your days doing nothing, you feel like doing nothing. At the start of all this, I went on walks regularly. I woke up at the time I usually do if I was working in the office, so I had plenty of morning for cleaning, prepping, or walking. Now I find I sleep in later and later. I’ve turned to escapism hobbies like reading and writing (or the Netflix show Lost in Space, oh my word, it is INTENSE!)

How are you handling this week of quarantine? The Midwest is on the rise of the curve. There’s talks of shutting down even the grocery stores. I admit, it’s probably a necessary action. There are too many people who don’t take it seriously – and I don’t mean grocery shoppers. I mean the folks who visit each other in their vehicles, driving from home to home to home picking up the Covid-19 virus from the third or fifth passenger and carrying it with them to the next visit.

It doesn’t seem a wise past-time. Why not sit in INDIVIDUAL vehicles six feet apart and talk through the windows? The mother-in-law came to visit Saturday. That’s what we did with her. She sat in the driveway, we sat on lawn chairs. She even brought the puppy for a visit because he loves car rides. As difficult as it was to ignore his pines for attention, we knew we couldn’t go near the vehicle for fear of putting Mom at risk.

I’m not worried about becoming terribly ill or dying from this infection. I am worried about the rate of spread. I’m worried about my grandma and mother-in-law who are high risk.

And I’m getting terribly annoyed not being able to go anywhere or do anything. This pandemic certainly isn’t the worst that could happen. America isn’t being bombed. It’s not Bubonic. It’s not a hundred other worse catastrophes. But it’s life-altering. It is certainly that.

How are you coping?

This has been,

Fan T. C.

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