The Great Reality (of Quarantine)

The word on the street is we might be home-bound until May. I’m just finishing up week two, and I’m already over it.

How are you fairing through all this? Has your data consumption sky-rocketed? I joined an online group of my Renaissance Faire friends, and we’re planning a multi-video get-together soon. You have no idea how much I’m looking forward to it. To see faces and hear voices will be good for my soul.

I find I have become more productive around the house, but not with any crafts or writing projects. I’m reasoning my mind needs the physical distraction and movement to stay preoccupied. I have attempted to get back to a work in progress from a few years ago, but it’s slow going. I’m out of practice again. Still, I’m not beating myself over the head because of it. I published the Sir Ivan’s Train sequel, and that is enough for now.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Go outside and walk when you get a chance.

This has been,


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