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Thursdays Aren’t for Everyone

It’s an interesting observation the reactions the general public has to Thursdays. Much of the time, they are elated. The work week is almost over, and the weekend is in sight. But there are Thursdays enough when people become tight,…moody,…and slightly unhinged.

It’s almost as if Monday swings around for a final pass at us and tips the pot for extra measure.

It’s a funny – funny being used here to mean odd, unsettling, even irritable – experience when one attempts to lighten the room with humor and cheer, only to be completely shunned by the occupants. Let’s be clear that I did not know these occupants, and they didn’t know me. But after dealing with a morning of woke-up-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-bed, I was determined to turn the afternoon around. Monday/Thursday determined otherwise and created a most awkward environment when the said occupants not only completely ignored my comments and lightheartedness, but then proceeded to stare at me as if I were an alien, and they couldn’t believe I had dared speak to them at all.

It was a very Monday/Thursday indeed, and I have nothing else to add, except to say “Thank God it’s over.”

This has been,


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