NaNo Update

Well, I got off to a decent start the first TWO days, and then I don’t know what happened!

Life happened. That’s what. Also, lack of motivation. I might tell my darling husband “I am writing for an hour today,” but as soon as he looks at me with those puppy eyes and says, “Watch a show with me?” all perseverance goes out the window.

Another aspect of the story I’m currently writing is I’m just not feeling very inspired. It was so cool when I conceived it, but now that there’s work to be done, meh.

What we have accomplished in the place of writing this month:

  • Finally hung wedding pictures (over a year later.)
  • Rearranged kitchen decorations
  • Cleaned the entertainment room
  • All the laundry
  • Replaced the dingy shower curtains
  • Began work cleaning the garage so we can store vehicles again.
  • Started watching The Order on Netflix

So we HAVE been productive! Just not with writing…

What are your struggles this year and what have you procrastinated in the place of writing?

This as been,

The Procrastination Station

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