Throw-Back Thursday

I’ve always wanted to do one of these.

Gosh, when we were kids, we came up with some of the dumbest stories. I wish we could write better back in those days and had recorded what we created, because it would be wonderful entertainment now.

Let me tell you a story from my childhood. Now, my sister and I are only 17 months apart – I always wished we were twins, she sometimes wished we were from different families. She has a brilliant gift for storytelling, and to be honest, she cultivated my imagination otherwise I would have been terribly dull. Another thing you need to know is the eldest always had to play the boy character (because there was always a boy and he was always older.) But then she surpassed me in height, and it turns out the boy always had to be taller, so for the rest of our lives, I got to be the girl.

This is neither here nor there. I’m just saying our stories were roleplays.

Cue the characters:

Mark was attractive, charming, and way strong. Like he could lift 100 pounds easily.

Marcus was even more attractive and more charming. He could lift 200 pounds!

It’s important to remember we were 11 and 12 years old here.

Then there are the girls. Cindy was pretty and sweet, and surprisingly strong too. She could lift 50 pounds.

Sidney was even more pretty and sweet, and, you guessed it, could lift 100 pounds!

This is a great cast of characters already.

Then comes the villain…

Barlow. Bully Barlow. You know he’s a villain because it’s in the title. Bully Barlow was tough stuff. He picked on kids and had a gang and a right-hand man named Joe (I had to be Joe because I was short.) But it’s important to note Bully Barlow wasn’t just mean. He was misunderstood. He had a bad habit of never being mean to girls, and rumor had it he had a crush on Cindy (or Sidney. I could never keep them straight.)

Marcus and Sidney (Cindy) weren’t really in the picture much. They were probably off fighting crime or something. Mostly they showed up when eye candy warranted it or to face off against Barlow.

Oh, I forgot something important! Bully Barlow could lift 150 pounds. Math geniuses, us.

Welcome to a glimpse into the past.

This has been,


P.S. My word count is sadly lacking… Poor Mo.