Letters to a Concerned Reader

Letters to a Concerned Reader

I was recently asked to publish this letter from a character in one of my books. He stated he had no way of contacting the individual in question, but wanted to reach out with these sentiments.

To whom it may concern,

It has come to my attention the intensity of your concern for my well-being. Since the attack upon our city, many things have changed within our vainglorious way of life. The refugees – including myself – have barricaded ourselves in an undisclosed location. I must apologize as I cannot reveal this location. Our enemies are still by and large roaming free within our world. I cannot risk a breach in security – even this letter which I have handwritten with much care to you, my dear admirer, must be eradicated of any trace of my whereabouts. Thus, this publishing platform which may be announced anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Despite risk of disclosure, I in full confidence to our cause do reveal that the plans which were laid by our newfound allies proves highly likely to provide a satisfactory ending to this war. My comrades are few, but the enemy shall not have victory over us. We will fight, and we will win – of this I am sure.

My only concern now – if you can call it such. I worry for nothing – is that my proposed partner may have divided thoughts during battle. She pines for that pathetic doctor – disgracefully so. I cannot convince her to focus on the requirements laid upon us. What’s more, it’s grating on my nerves the way in which she fawns over him. He’s old, outdated. She would be far suited to someone more to her status and position.

I leave you with this, devoted reader: Callevale will rise from the ashes and reign victorious.

Until we meet again upon the page.


Prince of Callevale Circle

End correspondance.