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Yoga Elephant
Photo Credit: Roberto Blizzard @VeganYogaDude

I used to believe yoga had to be calm, stoic, and intentional. Now I think differently.

The word yoga means “discipline” so the act of practicing yoga is in itself yoga. It is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines (ones that I do not adhere to very well. In a sense, I lack yoga.)

I do know enough positions and stretches so that I may perform without injury to myself, and I have a basic understanding of muscle tension, warm ups, and muscular functions.

One night, after spending nearly the entire day reading, blogging, Twittering, and otherwise sitting in my rocking chair with a cup of tea and only getting up to refill said tea or to use the bathroom, I became very stiff and sore. To the floor mat I went, humming to myself because I was thoroughly enjoying my day off, and set about on a relaxed, but motivated yoga routine.

It was invigorating to loosen up my muscles, breathing oxygen and blood through them after sitting so long. I immediately felt alert, awake, and energized.

I did not spend much time on the mat, but soon after took the dog on a brisk walk down the street and back. It wasn’t much – maybe five minutes of stretching and five minutes of walking, but the effort was quickly rewarded with a realignment of mind, body, and spirit.

Take some time today to get on the floor and stretch. Unable to get down without fear of getting back up? Stay close to a couch or sturdy chair which you can use to climb back to your feet, or remain standing while stretching your arms, back, and neck.

There’s no need to push perfection or hurry through this time. You’re not out to become the next world renown yogi. Just take care of yourself and your body once in awhile. I promise, it will feel good.

This has been,

Fanny T. Crispin

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