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Changing Worlds

On one side lies Fantasy, and the other Legacy

When I finish writing a book, there’s such a rush of relief to finally be done with a project. I usually take some time off, give myself a vacation, and ignore the Muse’s insistent prodding to begin again. But now that I have taken publishing seriously and am building my craft, there’s another avenue I like to take when finishing a writing project. I edit.

I have a number of finished products waiting on the shelf for their chance to shine. I have them lined up in the order they will be published. With Sir Ivan’s Train, I’m waiting to hear back from my editor for the first book, and now that I’ve finished the second book, I need to focus on something else until I’m ready to edit Sir Ivan’s Train. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present for 2017 Legacy of the Wolf Wind. Yeah, sorry, you won’t be able to read it for two years yet.

Changing worlds is a refreshing activity for writers. You really don’t want to edit something fresh off the writer’s block. You’re going to miss more than you realize and won’t be able to do it justice. My “self-proclaimed professional opinion” is to drop it like a hot potato and dig in your closet for something old, something new, or something fresh! Legacy of the Wolf Wind is a strong shift from Sir Ivan’s Train. I neglected the modern world entirely to create a fully immersed land filled with myth, legend, and legacy original to this world alone. I actually received this story from a dream I had…long ago. It was strange…

I think you’ll really enjoy this story. It is surrounded in mystery and intrigue, and each character harbors their own secrets. In this world, the past hunts the present, and when the winds of change blow in, there’s no stopping them.

Thank you for reading.

This has been,

Fanny T. Crispin (aka FanTC)

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