Why I Decided to Study Abroad

Love this girl.

The Brooke Alynn

Right now I’m a Sophomore in college, but just a few years ago I was a high school student begging my parents to let me study abroad.  They were not at all on board with the idea of spending so much money just for high school, but with college their opinion changed.  Last winter, I was struggling to decide whether or not I should study abroad.  I really wanted to and the classes fit perfectly in my optimal schedule for graduating, but the cost was a little higher than I anticipated.  I was talking to my mom about it and asked something along the lines of, “If you were me, would the cost be worth it?”  My wise mother said something like, “To me it wouldn’t be worth it, but I’m not you.  I have no desire to go.  But we both know that as soon as the time for…

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