Writer in the Raw

Writers would rather be writing than speaking.

Is this you? Are you a shy, introverted individual on the outside who yearns to be accepted into the general society. A lot of writers feel this way, it seems, and inside that individual is a bold and adventurous spirit.

So here’s me:  ever since I entered high school, I knew I was tired of being the shy girl. I’ve always been self-motivated, not like some people are self-motivated into grand and amazing ventures, but in my own, humble way. I forced myself to talk to people. I jumped at opportunities and thought about them later. I made myself available to changes.

I’m still introverted at my core, nothing will change that. My writing voice is definitely bolder than my speaking voice. I still have nights where I turn off my phone and curl up on the couch with Doctor Who–not like with Doctor Who, but like with him on the television. Although I wouldn’t mind curling up on the couch with him…

I’m such a nerd.

I recently read a blog post about a girl who was so shy, but such a good writer, she convinced an employer she was an entirely different personalty, when in reality, she did not suit the job task because of her introverted tendencies. Props to her for those writing skills! Get it, girl! But did she jump the gun going after that job? What could she have done differently before sending out that email?

For introverted individuals, it is important to know your limits. Be honest with yourself. If talking in front of a room of college students is going to make you hurl, why are you on that stage?! Get off that stage! Take a step back and prepare yourself. First, stand up in your living room and talk to your best friend. Then invite more friend and stand up and speak to them. Choose topics you don’t know well, or don’t like. Convince yourself before you convince your audience. How does this make you feel?

The point is to build up toughness.

I have no problems speaking in public. But I started out small. I spoke up in youth group, then I became a youth leader, I started getting involved in church which required me to speak up in front of the congregation. After that, I stood up before an entire college Bible group to give my testimony. That one scared me.

I talk to people all the time. No matter where I go, where I travel, I encounter people of all walks of life. I know this might terrify some introverts, but I love it. Do you know how many stories I have heard? Do you know how many souls I’ve have had the rich pleasure of knowing? And now that I’m an author, I have people with advice and information to help me along. None of this would have happened if I had decided to remain the quiet, unfortunate little artist lost in Neverland.

Writing has helped me meet people I would normally never have the chance to. It has given me a voice to speak with people around the world in blogs and emails. Boldness has introduced me to pen pals everywhere. Taking a leap of faith granted me the opportunity to travel by train to Texas, and to leave my country for an amazing trip to Germany. I wouldn’t give up those experiences for anything.

I am a writer.
I am a traveler.
And I love people.

Open your ears once and hear someone else’s story.

Fanny T Crispin

7 thoughts on “Writer in the Raw”

  1. I had ze very similar journey. I had paralytic fear of public exposure of anything growing up. I didn’t have patience for that, so I changed my mind about it. Now I am generally loud and public with my speaking.

    I sometimes wonder whether this reprogramming of the outside part of me did funny things to the inside of me. I’m still, secretly, quiet, shy, and reserved. You’d never guess it. People are shocked when I tell them about my calm past and peaceful interior.

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    1. I believe who we are in our inner selves remains a constant. It is how we view ourselves, and where we carry our heart.


  2. This is me! I was so shy in high school, I chose to be invisible because it was too much work trying to change. I’m stronger now – of course I’m no longer 17. I’m glad you shared some tips and strategy. Writing is a great way to strengthen your voice!

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    1. Change starts in the heart, becomes a plan in the mind, and is born in the body! That sounded less awkward in my head. Regardless, opening oneself up is scary, but done right, can be very rewarding.

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