Holidays Happen


After battling all morning between writing and not writing, I had initially decided not to write today. Partially because it’s a holiday. Mostly because I temporarily lost my notes for today…

But I thought I would sit my butt down and write something for the sake of the challenge. Of course, now I have foggy food brain. Don’t you just love American holidays?

There is always drama when it comes to family holidays–and that drama is doubled when there is a divorce involved. Even if both members are cordial, the guilt is a hard reality to knock. Will I hurt someone’s feelings if I go with one and not the other? Why should I be one the coordinate events because they cannot decide? And I’m done mediating. I did that enough as a child, now I refuse to be the go between. They both have their own phones, they can call–or text. How easy is texting?

It is not that awful. My parents made the divorce as civil and quiet as a divorce can be. But they are both still bitter, and the issues written above still apply.

Now it is Easter and far more important events are unfolding. Resurrection Sunday. My Savior lives.

On that happy note, fare thee well.

Fanny T Crispin.

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