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Mind Over Matter



As humans, we believe no one can hear us when we think. We believe our minds are absolute – a sanctum in which we define who and what we are. Our thoughts are the after-office hours in which we can speak and act freely without consequence. But what if that belief was wrong?

Our thoughts are the forefront battlefield, and this is true in every area – including writing. What we think and feel in secret slowly mold and shape us into the people we are today. Some people are bitter. Some people are pessimistic. Some people are rude or self-righteous. These are all the negative effects our mind can have on our character. A man once said your words define you, but so do your thoughts.

So what are your thoughts saying about your writing?
“I don’t feel like writing today.”
“My writing is crap.”
“I’ll never finish this stupid book.”
“Why do I even bother? No one cares.”

So I ask you again: How can we intentionally improve our thoughts so that they have a positive effect on our writing?

Guard your thoughts. They become your words. Guard your words. They become your actions. Guard your actions. They become your character.

Grab some paper or your phone right now and put this down…
“I write for the pure joy of the thing. And if I can do it for joy, I can do it forever.” Stephen King

Ever wonder how Mister King can write so many and such lengthy novels over and over again? Maybe he’s got the right mindset. Maybe he doesn’t tell himself he can’t, he tells himself he can. If our thoughts are the battlefield, then we must become the warriors, and our intentions the weapon we use to guard our minds. Because the mind creates the story in which we write. And after all, we are writers are we not?

Think about that.

This has been,

Fanny T. Crispin