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Homework for Bloggers


Here’s a confession:  I had no idea what to do with a blog. Yes, I have one and I do post frequently, but I didn’t really know what I was doing (or why) in conjunction with my writing career. As usual, Jeff Goins gave me direction.

What are the 5 platforms for building an audience? He describes them, then tells you to pick one.
The Journalist
The Prophet
The Professor
The Artist
The Star
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After listening to his explanation of each, I found myself gravitating to the one I would have never expected – The Professor.

The whole time Jeff was describing it, I was thinking “Nope. Not me. I’m not a teacher.” But then I looked at my blog. “A writer writes about writing.”  Isn’t that exactly what I have been doing this whole time? Teaching?

The Professor

At the end of each video, Jeff gives us homework. My homework is to pick one of those categories and build a platform.

Well, ladies and gents, I have some more tutorials coming for you. As I build my platform – Le Professeur – I will continue researching in the direction of querying a writing agent. For all those interested, stay tuned. We’ll get through this together.

This has been,

Fanny T. Crispin