30 Days to Publishing

30 Days to Publishing (10)

‘Every adventure requires a first step. Trite, but true, even here.’ Alice in Wonderland


We have arrived, friends. This is it. Are you ready to finally sit down and write this beast? You are now the wanderer of the Labyrinth, at the end of which awaits the fierce Minotaur.

Good luck.

Many adventurers recall the fear of the Page. The Blank Page. Look at it. It’s laughing at you. It’s scoffing your ambitions. Stare at it. Become hypnotized by all that emptiness.

Really there is nothing for me to teach you at this point. You just need to write. If you haven’t learned how to write, I can’t help you. I’m not a kindergarten teacher. I’ve given you the basic tools for your first draft. Now write it. This should take you awhile. Weeks, months, maybe years. I’ll see you then. Stop back for more whimsical posts. But really, this is now officially procrastination, so you should go. Leave. Right now.

Still here? *Sigh* Stubborn.

Fine. Let me warn you about Writers Block. Oh, you know of which I speak. That Dark Lord of the Underverse. It lingers on the edges of your dreams, whispers to you when you’re alone and lonely.

Come find me when you run into it.

I’m so not helpful today.

But trust me, just write. Write away. Right away. Write 500 words a day. That is your challenge. No less than 500, but you can certainly write more. Try these helpful exercises.

Set a timer for twenty minutes. Do not stop writing until twenty minutes is up.

Write 500 words.

Turn off the TV and hide the remote.

Play music you enjoy.

Brew coffee/tea.

Write timed word sprints to get your adrenaline pumped.

If you’re using a computer, write blindfolded.

Lock your door.

Hide the key.

Release yourself to the magical world of words.

Welcome to a writer’s world. I’ll see you here once you’ve finished. Then we can talk about drafting.

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