30 Days to Publishing

30 Days to Publishing (2)


Today we are going to talk about a little thing called “determination”. Webster defines it as “the act of coming to a decision”, and I want you to keep this in the background of your mind–the act. Coming to a decision starts in the mind. What do you want? Are you journaling? Blogging? Noveling? Regardless of the genre, you will be able to use many of these tips.

First, let’s address your fear–what is keeping you from this writing project? Don’t try to deny it, something very well may be holding you back. And that is okay. Honest. I would like you to take five minutes–set your timer–and write down why you have been putting this project off.

Lack of inspiration?
Peer opinions?

After your five minutes, I am going to tell you the words that changed my perspective:

You cannot fail for trying.

There. That knocked out one fear. Block those obsticals from your mind. Now take a deep breath and slowly let it out. Remember what brought you here. You wanted to write. You imagined this amazing article, conceived an epic novel, and it got you excited. Everyone has a story, and in the words of the NaNoWriMo staff, the world needs your story.

So let us set ourselves to the task. Commit yourself mentally. Get excited. You are about to start an adventure, and now comes the action. Go buy your books, set up your Word Document, open your blog, get out your super sleuth detective journalist recorder, and get to work. Rekindle your love for writing, or discover for the first time the joy of writing! In my 30 Days to Publishing, I will walk with you step by step through the process of writing your project, editing the manuscript, and navigating the labyrinth of editors, agents, and publishing houses. This blog will update daily to complete my own challenge 500 words in 31 days, so check back to see where we are at in the lesson.

Tomorrow I am excited, because we will start with the subject I honestly used to dislike, but through the years of writing I have grown to enjoy this process. Everything requires research–even fiction. Especially fiction. We will take a look at it through the eyes of beginning a fiction novel, but the steps will also be applicable to other areas of writing as well. If you are just joining us, introduce yourself in the comments and let us know what you are working on. We will have writing prompts to hone those skills and get you warmed up for the task. Are you committed? Are you exciting? Then get ready to work.

Determination starts in the mind and ends up on paper.

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