How Do You Fix This?

Whew! I’m tired. Do you ever feel that way? You’re just tired and there’s no bones about it. I’m a nap-taker. When I’m able, I like to take a nap. Just thirty minutes or so, enough that I get relaxed, I fall into limbo, and suddenly my head pops up because the alarm goes off. It’s great. Most of the time, I only get 10-12 minutes. You laugh, but I used to drop on my bed, set the alarm for 7 minutes, and that was all I had before rushing off to my next job. I trained my body to sleep within a minute if I needed it. Now I get 45 minutes before jobs, and I can’t imagine how I used to manage those 7 minutes.

This wasn’t going to turn into a post about my schedule, but there you go.

I’m just tired. All around tired. Looking forward to my nap tonight before I have to face the greedy, insolent masses of retail.

And I miss summer like peanut butter misses jelly.

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