Has This Happened to You?

Déjà vu. All of a sudden, you’re reliving a moment in your life as if it was your second go around. Everything feels extremely familiar.

This just happened with a blogger I follow; although the bizarre thing is, I didn’t realize it until after I had posted a comment and began reading through the other responses. In fact, it was such a strong moment of clarity, I had to check myself to make sure I was still living in the present day. Post-Valentines 2015? Yep, still here.

It was a few months ago that I had read this article. I remember my reaction had not been as strong as it was this second time. But when I had attempted to sputter up a comment, my mobile device was acting finicky. In the end, I gave up–since, obviously, it wasn’t that inspirational. But today I unknowingly read the same article, and today something struck a cord. I commented immediately and posted it without a second thought. Then, as I scrolled up through the other reactions, it hit me–déjà vu. One of the comments I remembered reading the last time. Huh.

If this were a science fiction story, then I had just been granted the chance to change one seemingly infinitesimal moment in my life. In those stories, it’s always the little events that make the big change. In light of that, I feel pretty good about my choice. But I wonder now…what had happened in that alternate reality to trigger a jump back to the past?

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