Le Shorts, Poetry

Dare to Dream

The fairy glade is where you’re at

Where dreams are made in a great big vat,

And in this land of you’ll never find

A grain of sand left out of time.


Deep in the hallow

Of an ancient wood

Mystical lanterns

At one time stood.


Le Shorts, Poetry

When You Mourn the Dream

When memories fade away

Staring at the mirror’s face

And you can’t seem to find a trace

‘Cause all is lost in the graying mist.

When you mourn the dream

And you can’t make sense of anything

You’re just searching for a reason

to hold on.

You can’t find your way

Standing in the rain

And all the dreams you thought you had

Don’t mean anything

They just fade to gray.

So find me here

Beneath each fallen tear

And as the daylight fades

I’ll mourn the dream.

“I think people mourn the dream, you know?” ~Shawn Connors

Poem by FanTC

Copyright FanTCBooks

Le Shorts, Poetry

The Warning

There’s a storm a’brewin’, love.
The winds are getting fierce.
Pay attention to the stars
If you happen to see above
The wayward clouds.

The trees are bowing low.
Listen well because they know
When the storm is brewing,
You best be doing

Now the sky is growing dim,
The clouds they’re turning black.
When you hear the warning call,
You best listen in
Or else.

Copyright FanTCBooks

Le Shorts, Poetry

Do You Dream?

Dream of flying?
Of soaring over mountains,
Scaling scrapers,
Or sunrise misty fountains?

Dream of being?
Of living every day,
Being big,
Or just changing ways?

Dream of walking?
Of stepping over fallen stones,
Treading lightly
In castles where the wind moans?

Dream of seeing?
Of viewing rainbows never seen,
Watching faces,
Of people who’ve other places been?

Dream of dancing?
Of waltzing with the moon,
With the sun
In a never ending tune?

Do you dream?
Of brighter days to see,
And if you do,
Would you tell me?

Copyright FanTCBooks